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SNACKERS Blueberry Flavor Playing Cards by OPC

limited edition

Snackers Blueberry Flavor fell from heaven! We discovered so much about this alien life form! For example, they like blueberry bagels!

Jokes aside, we are very excited to present you the Snackers V3! THE ONLY PLAYING CARDS THAT SMELL THE RIGHT!

The makers have stayed true to the earlier Snackers, with their simple design, mirrored back, and bright, fun colors! The dishes are just as fun as any other OPC deck, each with something to do with blueberries.

These cards are also printed by USPCC on crumpled premium material! Perfect for magic, cardistry and family game nights!

The alien ships only beamed down 4,500 decks , so make sure you get some before they get back!

There have also been some improvements made to this version over the last one! The first and greatest improvement: THE SMELL! The company OPC has gone back to using perfume and not oil for their scented sachets. Enjoy the pleasant scent of blueberries and grab them quickly before they're all eaten!

SNACKERS Blueberry Flavor Playing Cards by OPC

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€17.90Sale Price
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