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Six Strings Playing Cards


LIMITED EDITION: Only a certain number will be printed! Will NOT be reprinted.


A collaboration between Kardify and Murphy's Magic, Six Strings Playing Cards is a completely custom set of playing cards inspired by the most majestic and fascinating musical instrument - the guitar.


Designed by Ade Suryana, this limited edition deck features a totally custom design, reimagined court cards, and a beautiful letter-printed case.

Six Strings is as beautiful as it is functional - versatile for themed magic, game nights or as part of the collection.


Inside, the deck looks amazingly beautiful and unique! It's visually appealing and designed for familiarity. Six Strings pips have been updated with themed colors and a classic font for the letters and numbers. The picture cards are beautiful. Each card has a different face with its own uniquely designed wardrobe featuring classic ornament details and a guitar instrument. This offers a good balance between a custom design and the integrity of a standard deck.

The ace of spades features a beautifully intricate design that is classic yet stylish.


The virtuoso guitarist pictured adds to the identity of the deck. The #052 comes from a string gauge that happens to be the number of cards in a standard deck. Six Strings features an intricate mirrored card back design inspired by a stringed instrument. The attention to detail and meticulous craftsmanship make this deck unique.


The stunning tuck box is adorned with copper foil lettering that is particularly eye-catching. The deck was printed on textured paper by Clove St Press to give it a classic look and feel.


The deck combines distinctive design with the unparalleled quality of the United States Playing Card Co.

SIX STRINGS Playing Cards

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