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PIONEERS red  Playing Cards by Ellusionist

They say that good design is appealing... but has no history - when it does, we call it art.

And that's exactly what the Pioneers are. They are so much more than just a vintage inspired deck. You are art.

The tuck box is crafted from exquisite handmade paperboard that captures the texture of contemporary paper. It is embossed in the right places to create a 4th dimension of quality. 

On the reverse is a Lady of Liberty with a phoenix at her feet. In her left hand she holds the flag of the United States - in her right the lesser-known but equally meaningful flag of Chicago.
Hidden within the design are 52 easy-to-read markers that can be used for either magic, mischief, or both. 


The Pioneers pay homage to the exploration, scientific discovery and innocent curiosity of a bygone era. 

The deck is printed on luxurious pressed E7 paper that has a crinkled feel but is durable. This is the stuff you know and love from the Cohort decks.


However, you won't find any borrowed artwork here, Pioneers is completely custom designed inside and out. From the distinctive top seal to the impeccable pips. Every detail and line on the tuck, backs, aces and jokers has been painstakingly hand-drawn by renowned playing card artist Oban Jones.

The reverse design pays homage to the 1893 World's Fair, a 600-acre spectacle celebrating the 400th anniversary of Columbus' arrival in the New World.


The Pioneers deck looks like it was plucked from the gift shop in 1893, stored in a vault for over a century, and then laid gently in your waiting hands.


The finest marked deck Ellusionist has ever created

PIONEERS red Playing Cards by Ellusionist

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