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Daniel Madison ACOLYTES Playing Cards

Limited to 400 decks

Created for close-up performances and deceptions on the card table.
The Acolytes are strong, bold and assertive, yet modestly Machiavellian in order to subtly blend in with the mysterious nature of the deceptor.
This deep blood red deck of cards contains Masonic undertones and proudly joins the legacy of the classic Madison icon.
With 13 subtly hidden reveals and completely redesigned faces and aces, the Acolytes make a statement without losing the image of a regular deck of cards.

Printed on a 2022 improved 'Madison' stock - designed and engineered for both card table illusions, close-up magic and cardistry, these decks are soft, inverted-air cushioned and extremely durable.


The ACOLYTES playing cards feature:


  • An Angle-Zero Gaff Card
  • A MELT gaff card
  • A face-up King of Diamonds is hidden in the bottom of the tuck box
  • Madison is the King of Diamonds. A secret 9 of clubs is hidden in one of his hands and the number 22 in the other - a number that indicates the position of the card chosen by the participants
  • A secret 7 of Spades is hidden in the King of Hearts design
  • Shia is the King of Clubs. There is a secret number 2 cross hidden under his sword
  • The King of Spades is Rob - Madison's tattoo artist. A 7 of Diamonds can be found at one end, hidden in the tattoos on Rob's head
  • The Queen of Clubs is Amy, her favorite card, the Ace of Hearts, is hidden on one side under her hair
  • Hanna, the Queen of Spades, holds a 4 of Spades. The number 9 is hidden in her necklace
  • The Queen of Hearts has a King of Diamonds hidden under her hair
  • The Queen of Diamonds has a 3 of hearts hidden in one of her flowers
  • Chris Stanislas is the Jack of Clubs. His favorite card, the 4 of hearts, is hidden under one of the axes
  • Ian Curtis is the Jack of Clubs. A 3 of spades is hidden in one of his sticks
  • The jack of spades is Lil Peep, he holds the 8 of diamonds
  • Daniel Schneider is the Jack of Diamonds, a 2 of Spades is hidden in the drawing
  • The Ace of Spades is minimalist, while the Ace of Diamonds houses the Madison logo


These are the ACOLYTES playing cards - limited to just 400 decks.Absolutely rare deck!

Daniel Madison ACOLYTES Playing Cards

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