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DMC ELITES V4 Playing Cards (marked)

The ELITES are a unique collaboration between DMC itself (star of National Geographic's CARD SHARK, BEYOND MAGIC WITH DMC and Netflix series DEATH BY MAGIC) and designer and magician Phill Smith - architect of the revolutionary OPTICAL MARKING SYSTEM.

The new DMC ELITES V4 have been printed on the premium Phantom Finish. The cards will stand up to many hours of professional use, and all pages are designed by default to be unlikely to be questioned or suspected by your audience. The cards themselves feature the latest version of the unique OPTICAL MARKING SYSTEM (OMS), a powerful "reading system" designed specifically for wizards and mentalists (unlike many decks designed for the gambling world).

The OMS features an ingenious hidden marking mechanic that is readable at extreme speeds, from long distances and even in low light conditions. It hides the value and suit of the card without the need for decoding - the back of the card literally says the value and suit.

Nonetheless, you can hand the deck over to a layperson knowing that even the most critical observer wouldn't even suspect the secret markings, let alone spot them. In fact, the OMS is so subtle that in the first edition of ELITES, many magicians complained that an unmarked version was sent to them!


Based on feedback from hundreds of magicians, the OMS has evolved significantly over the years, and in this version the markings are in all four corners for the first time - left-handers are welcome in the ELITES family. A second quantum leap now makes it possible to read the markings from a relatively narrow deck of cards on the table - or even from a card fan in your hand. Finally, the deck now has a very clear one-way

Marking system that allows delayed reading and opens a whole new type of methods. Each deck also comes with an instruction card that visually explains the markings - with no language restrictions for international players.


DMC ELITES V4: the best marked deck of a whole generation.

DMC ELITES V4 Playing Cards

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