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Bicycle SPECTRUM Playing Cards


The SPECTRUM Deck is not a trick. It is a UNIQUE and BEAUTIFUL deck that can be used for many magical effects.


The SPECTRUM deck is the world's first and only TRUE Bicycle rainbow deck! What does that mean exactly?

In 2001, Cosmo Solano had been performing a "rainbow deck" routine for years, always wishing he could literally change the color of the deck and not the cards. (A true color change wouldn't involve changing the back design, just the color!) Switching decks was a nice trick, but not MAGIC.


The 54 standard cards (including jokers) make a nice color spectrum. Two "gaffs" are also included.


The cards are manufactured by the US Playing Card Company on high quality material with the "Magic Finish" (the preferred surface for professionals). The jokers and the ace of spades were also specially designed for this card game. The rest of the cards are the classic 808 Bicycle design and yes, there is a built in "revelation"!

More for magicians...

"The little things"...
First of all, there's a revelation in the Guarantee Joker. Yes, Solano could have flooded the cards with reveals, but this deck is really great for color-changing routines! Cosmo wanted to keep it simple to preserve the beauty of the SPECTRUM deck.


From the department "extra cool":
There is something very "special" (for magicians) about the way the cards are packaged at the factory... In an effort to make a beautiful deck that ALSO serves as a great magic prop, Solano realized that the suit order of the cards (as seen in the card distribution chart above) should not be in the order in which they are in the new deck (Ace to King). They should be in suit order when the deck appears to be shuffled. Cosmo has taken the trouble, and incurred additional expense, to rearrange the order in which cards are printed at the factory so that when Du appears to be a shuffled deck on the faces spread out, the perfect spectrum is on the backs!


When you  get the deck, the cards "appear" to already be shuffled! But there is a secret order!


One more thing... The deck was built in such a way that you can play it with red or blue back without messing up the spectrum. The ace of spades has the traditional blue back and falls smack in the middle of the deck. Whether you're a blue or red card fan, you can fit it into your routine!


Also, the spectrum works regardless of where Du  cuts the deck. In other words, the bottom card leads to the top card in the spectrum! And even if the cards are mixed up (not in the order you see in the graphics and videos), the deck still looks amazing!

Bicycle SPECTRUM Playing Cards

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