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ARW V2 Playing Cards by Luke Wadey

Limited to 2500 decks


Welcome to the almost everywhere sold out second deck in the ARW Collection, exploring the use of direction combined with Swiss graphic design and pattern work. V2 follows on from V1's success and this time you have to look both ways.


ARW V2 was developed with feedback from V1 in mind. This deck is primarily aimed at card players, but its 2-way nature allows for a variety of other uses as well. While the V1 has a clear minimalism - using the concept of direction and taking inspiration from street signs and typography to create a concept deck that lays the groundwork for the rest of the series - the V2 needed to bring more energy, controlled chaos. So the design evolved from the street signage to Luke's own interpretation of street art.


The angles created and the use of arrows revisit the theme of direction. This evolution means that the story of ARW can evolve and go its own way. Street art and graffiti are usually associated with spray paint and illustrations, but the designers wanted to use their own design style to give it their own twist while combining it with the ARW graphics.


The back of the card consists of two sides (hence the Look Both Ways lettering), a woven pattern of warped and distorted typography that creates a dynamic background. Embedded in it are the two arrows, printed in a neon color that catches the eye and catches the eye as the packages are picked up. The colors are taken from the V1 version of the tuck, so the series progresses naturally from one deck to another. This energetic design not only reveals the deck's name "ARW," but creates a visually monotonous storm throughout your flourishes and routines, while the neon arrows stand out as you move. The neon colored ink also looks great under UV light! With this you will draw people's eyes to you!


  • 2nd deck of the ARW series
  • Printed by USPCC, one-time run, 2500 decks
  • 2-way reverse, fully custom deck and printed tuck including neon ink.
  • 56 card, pressed premium bee material, traditional cut with air cushion finish
  • 2x jokers, 1x double backer & 1x additional card included
  • absolutely rare and almost no longer available

ARW Playing Cards by Luke Wadey

  • Final price plus shipping costs, no disclosure of VAT according to § 6 Para. 1 Z 27 UStG.

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