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X Deck white Signature Edition by Alex Pandrea

The X Deck (VERSION 2.0) is LIVE, with the 1: WHITE / BLACK (limited quantity available)

This is the beginning of the SECOND stylized version of the X-Decks. EACH VERSION WILL HAVE 3 DECKS IN A ROW. The first versions had 3, the second version will have 3, and so on ...

The X-Deck is now Alex's go-to deck for all magic shows. Simple enough to match its minimalist style, yet stylized enough to give it a certain charisma. Why an X? Well, Pandrea was born on October 10th at 10:00 AM, hence 10/10/10 - with the NEW DUCT TAPE-like X designs on the back - this deck really embodies Alex.
THIN CRUSHED (tm) for the BEST feeling deck on the market
Including gaffer card
Arrco Face for a vintage vibe
Perfectly printed by The United States Playing Cards Company
Duplicate Queen of Hearts in each deck
Thick and robust tuck box (highest quality)

X DECK white Signature Edition by Alex Pandrea

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