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VISION Playing Cards

Limited Edition 1000 decks


VISION Playing Cards - Created and Designed by PACKET A modern take on classic Japanese-style art in the form of a deck! VISION offers a neat mix of black and red design elements that will pop your cards up as you perform cardistry movements.


Limited edition of only 1,000 decks printed by the United States Playing Card Company on their premium air suspension inventory!


VISION playing cards were designed by Sebastian Casas. The original concept was designed and created by one of his Cardistry friends and aspiring designers, Sebastien Franco.


The final design of VISION is a modern take on the classic Japanese art style of printmaking and manga. Both the back and faces have been created using a two-tone scheme: a bright red and a faded black that allows for sharp and high-contrast visual effects when running squiggles or displays.



The back of VISION captures the beauty of the asymmetrical design. In bold red lettering, Katakana reads "Vision" over a black sky and a wave that is surrounded by a thin red frame. Next to the lettering is a white dot that represents the moon.

Each design element in the back design is easily distinguishable, creating something that the eyes can follow as they perform movements with the cards.

VISION playing cards

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