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VISCID playing cards


Viscid is a completely custom deck of playing cards modeled after the Grime Art movement.

The goal of the design was to create a collection of works that use simple elements to compose a complex layout. This resulted in a back design that is symmetrical and conducive to the magic. Looking at the card art, the two eyes on the back give the viewer a focal point when cutting the deck. The slight trimming on the edges makes the compartments all the more seductive. Viscid also offers a choice of 55 fully customized faces.


The courts were modeled on the classic Arrco playing card faces, but redesigned in grime style. The map characters have been re-colored in flux blue and orange to reflect the classic red and black, but to provide some variety. These values also have a subtle outline to make them stand out even more.


Special attention has been paid to the ace of spades to create a design that completely captures the mood of the deck. The two Jokers were designed as a tribute to grime portraits, and we personally love to use them to create our own real life grime portraits. Finally, the deck also includes a double backer for our friends in the Magic community.


The box reflects the design of the deck well without being a direct copy. It offers a negative of what's inside while still having some unique aspects. As most magicians and magicians would agree, there is no substitute for the quality that a USPC printed deck offers. Because of this, have  the longtime printers from Bicycle, Bee, Fontaine, OPC and many other decks also printed Viscid.

VISCID Playing Cards

  • Final price plus shipping costs, no disclosure of value added tax according to § 6 Abs. 1 Z 27 UStG.

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