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Surfboard V2 Playing Cards from Riffle Shuffle

Do you miss the soft sand, the fresh waves and the sea breezes that surround you? No matter where you are, we are here to introduce you to a deck that can take you to the mesmerizing beaches and experience the ultimate tranquility. Here is the second edition of the popular surfboard playing cards - The Surfboard V2: Sunset Session.

The Surfboard V2 Sunset Session takes you to a whole new beach experience. Normally you would surf when the sun is high and everything is filled with blue skies and clear water. With this edition, designer Dario Genuardi wants to show you the beauty of surfing at sunset and remind you to grab the wave before the sun goes down.

The Surfboard V2: Sunset Session is FULLY MARKED and is printed by the United States Playing Card Company.

AIR CUSHION finish with their legendary Bee crushed stock.

Limited to 2500 decks

SURFBOARD V2 Playing Cards

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