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SLOTS Playing Cards by Mechanic Industries


SLOTS playing cards are the latest product from Mechanic Industries' casino edition. Play all your favorite casino games like never before with our high quality casino themed playing cards.


This unique and completely custom deck features an advanced flipbook animation that brings the classic SLOTS game to life. PLUS: Use the 13-fold back system to secretly read the value of all cards!


But there's more - when it comes to Mechanic Industries products, there's ALWAYS more! Along with each deck, Mechanic Industries provides excellent magic video tutorials. Online and completely free. These guides will help you get the most out of your new SLOTS deck and equip you with everything you need to wow your audience.


Built into the deck is an amazing new trick called JACKPOT. You won't believe your eyes when you hit the kicker because it will turn your world upside down.

You can even combine this deck with the other two decks from the Casino Edition (ROULETTE and CRAPS) to create a complete gambling show!


The flipbook animation alone will amaze people, but once you learn how to incorporate it into the magic tricks you're taught, you'll blow people away.

We bet you've never seen anything like the SLOTS deck, and neither have your viewers. So don't wait, try out the SLOTS playing cards yourself!


USPCC quality
The SLOTS playing cards are printed by USPCC on their high quality Crushed Bee paper with the popular Magician finish. This means these cards look as good as they feel, offering excellent handling and performance for card connoisseurs and magicians alike.

SLOTS Playing Cards by Mechanic Industries

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