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The original  Roulette Deck was praised for its innovative and creative flip book animation. Now this concept has been taken up, revised and the roulette wheel re-staged on a whole new level for card players and magicians. Our Fanimation deck is a bold, eye-catching, borderless disposable deck that utilizes some really cool design principles centered around the roulette wheel that will help you maximize the visual aesthetics of your card adornments.


New Fanimation technology

The Fanimation deck features a brand new partial animation system. The color step animation works in a fan pattern to create a larger image. Unlike other fan decks that only create horizontal patterns, this Fanimation technology fills in the missing vertical part. You're not just creating a series of shapes or colors, you're creating a truly complete and accurate image that you can use to create stunning displays.


Blossoming fan animation

This new deck's design revolves around a tight pivot that's ideal for 360-degree fans and print fans, large displays, cascades, and more. As long as you're able to fan it properly, these cards will spring to life in the hands of experienced card flourizers. Your cuts, dribbles, isolations, and other embellishments can easily be combined to create a whole new look, whether you're into card art or card magic.


Fan animation for magic

Thanks to the ball stop animation, you can not only use the fan display as a feast for the eyes, but also as a basis for great magic tricks. When fanning, the ball is displayed on a single number field, so you can  You can use the countdown principle to get the selected card from your  uncover viewers. A possibility has also been built in to combine this game with the original roulette deck, allowing you to expand and enhance any existing roulette routine.


Individual picture cards

Fully custom faces allow for great looking fans and gauges on either side of the cards. All face cards have been expertly redesigned to match the deck's striking good looks and give a strong impression inspired by the roulette wheel, whether you're looking at the fronts or backs.


Fully marked maps

The Fanimation deck is also a marked deck. The original ideas were refined and improved, and that coded  Marking system is now easier to read than ever.


These cards live up to their name, ie you must be able to animate the cards (F) in order to line them up. This means that a ripple, spring, or pressure fan works very well because a card is evenly spaced along a tight pivot. You have to be able to fan out like this to get the most out of these cards, it's not a deck for beginners.



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