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QUEENS playing cards

With enough blood and sweat, even the simplest pawn can become the most powerful piece on the board. The Queens Playing Cards represent the inner fire and relentless drive of those who are brave enough to pursue their passions.


It appeals to the outsider who dares to defy the doubters with 10,000 hours of unrestrained concentration. It stands for those who realize that the strongest piece is always what they don't see coming.


The Queens Playing Cards were designed by the renowned playing card creator Jason Brumbalow and masterfully crafted by the Expert Playing Card Company. The smooth Slipstream finish ensures an incomparable glide and durability that withstands the relentless pursuit of perfection.

The Queens Playing Cards are a mixture of classic iconography, bold, modern design and unbridled passion, created for the underdog whose talent has not yet been recognized. Why should one fear the outsider? Because they only get smarter if you beat them. Because beating them only makes them work harder. Because the most powerful weapon is the one they don't see coming. It's time to make your move with the queens playing cards.

QUEENS Playing Cards

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