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QUEEN BEE Playing Cards by Ellusionist


Her Majesty "The Queen" introduces herself

The queen bee is the matriarch of the beehive. She is revered by the entire bee colony and protected with all their might.


Unlike the Killer and Super Bee decks, which have a faint white halo around the edge of the deck, the Queen Bees have no edge. The queens pour themselves over the rim in all their glory.


The design is a classic among rimless decks that repeats itself ad infinitum with bees flying in opposite directions.

There's only one break to this rule: the yellow bee that stands out in the top left and top right corners. It accentuates the design and creates an eye-catcher for yours  Eyes.

This little yellow splash of color in a sea of black looks stunning in fans and spreads and makes the minimal design look more three-dimensional.

The white faces show custom pips that have an eerie simplicity.

Each point is arranged in its own unique way, with a hidden beehive depicted in one point on each number card.

This subtle hint is meant to complement the queen's geometric design.


The interior of the Queen's Court

Each courtyard card is a custom-made product in which connected hexagons enclose a soft design, like honey that is trapped in a single cell in the honeycomb.

The lines are thin and slender, but the aura of each courtyard map is instantly recognizable.

The queen demands luxury, specially selected material, first-class card strength


The tuck paper is dull yellow and thicker than conventional card sleeves.

All details on the sides and on the front are embossed to create a structure.

The back is finished with black stripes that show the life-giving queen, which is taken from the queen of clubs in the deck of cards.


Printed on the famous E7 paper

Ellusionist was one of the first major manufacturers to print with Cartamundi in Belgium.

A slimmer, more durable substrate that matches the company's already superior printing techniques.

They worked hard developing the E7 material that started with the  Blue Cohorts playing cards came on the market. The deck cited by many as the reason for switching from USPCC to Cartamundi decks.


Queen Bees has exactly this material that we think is the best for magic, gambling, and card handling in general. Nothing feels better.


Why do we need bees?

2019 saw the highest colony loss ever recorded.

Over 40% - disappeared.

Anyone who thinks that this has no effect on them is wrong. Honey bees alone pollinate $ 15 billion of the food eaten in the United States each year.  They are essential to our survival.

Aggressive farming practices and the use of devastating pesticides have decimated bee populations around the world, leading to CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder). Entire beehives are wiped out almost instantly.


QUEEN BEE Playing Cards by Ellusionist

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