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PSYCHONAUTS Playing Cards by The Joker and the Thief


Psychonauts playing cards explore reality beyond the perception of the five senses! Take a journey into the depths of your mind.


Psychonauts is a nostalgic homage to 1960s psychedelic and new age spiritualism, bursting with colour. The time when Eastern gurus, meditation and yoga first entered the Western mainstream consciousness. A time of peace, love and flower power!


Cards are 100% custom designed and hand illustrated.

The picture cards allow us to demonstrate our storytelling skills. Pay close attention to the symbolism and innuendos the Psychonaut Kings have woven into their design! Experience the mystical set of king cards - from the jacks consuming psychedelic substances to the kings wearing the likenesses of legends like Terrence McKenna, Osho and Alan Watts.


The tuck box features a special art style called horror vacui - or kenophobia. That means something like the fear of empty space. The tuck box is packed with detail, with little to no negative space. This masterpiece was printed on high quality paper and finished with foil, internal printing and embossing.


To finish off the Psychonauts tuckbox, a specially sculpted seal with a simple, bold graphic style was chosen to balance the extreme detail of the tuckbox. This sigil mimics the shape of an acid plume.

PSYCHONAUTS by The Joker and the Thief

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