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PROVIDENCE Playing Cards by The 1914


The eye of providence

Seeing everything
A symbol of the awakened
A call to see the universe through the eyes of creation
We look
But we don't see
Only when the light of the soul blinds the eye of the ego
the truth will become free


The 1914 is proud to present its flagship luxury Providence Playing Cards. Printed by Expert Playing Card Company on their world-renowned premium card stock, Providence exudes class and style with its alluring metallic inks and gold foiling on every single card.


Designed by Destino and inspired by the mysteries of the universe, Providence embodies mystery; the embodiment of chaos and order; infinite sequences of 52 ancient symbols that slide poetically between the hands and glitter in the light.


Housed in a side-embossed tuck box, Providence cards are traditionally cut for easy handling and perfect shuffling.


Illuminate your mind and stimulate your senses with a brand new, high-quality, tactile experience.

PROVIDENCE Playing Cards by The 1914

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