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NOC Pro 2021 Navy Blue Playing Cards

Film removed for photo purposes, originally sealed.

NOC Pros - The PERFECT card game! 4 NEW epic colorways. FULLY marked. Embossed premium case.

For almost 10 years, the NOC brand has been the first choice for magicians, card players and card collectors around the world. Millions of decks have been sold in over 100 unique variations. Now we are proud to present our ultimate achievement in professional decks - the NOC Pros!

Everything about the NOC decks has been improved to create what we believe is the perfect deck. The NOC Pros will be available in 4 stunning color variants. Burgundy, Navy Blue, Jet Black and Greystone. These colors convey an upscale, professional look that is ideal for magicians and magicians of all kinds. The famous minimalist back design has been enhanced with an additional inner border, adding an elegant touch to the already simple deck.

The Tuck Case has been COMPLETELY REDESIGNED and printed on full color embossed linen and vellum paper with a matte finish. Every NOC Pros deck comes with a DUPLICATE Queen of Hearts.

THIS DECK IS FULLY MARKED - Since 2012 the NOC Original back design has been marked. Today we are pleased to present you a FULLY MARKED system (for both color and value) on the minimal back design.

This deck was printed in the USA by The United States Playing Card Company on PREMIUM bee paper and THIN CRUSHED to perfection

NOC Pro 2021 Navy Blue Playing Cards Seconds

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