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Mechanic Shiner Deck by Mechanic Industries


To celebrate the 5th anniversary of Mechanic Industries, a tuck case was designed, embossed and foil wrapped inside and out. The backs of the cards feature the characteristic flip book design that doubles as a marking system.


Black and silver metallic inks highlight the design, while white highlights make the marking system even more legible. Metallic colors add a luxurious touch to the faces of the cards, while the design of the playing cards is standard. Another twist: The Shiner Deck lives up to its name - the tuck case itself can be used to peek at the dealt card! This deck handles well and looks great! Printed by USPCC on high-quality Bicycle paper with the classic Magic finish.



  • Flip book animation and tagging system
  • Metallic colors on front and back
  • Wilds compatible with Mechanic Industries grinder coins
  • Luxurious embossed tuck case with silver foil interior and exterior; can make it easier to look at the maps
  • Printed by USPCC on Bicycle paper with a Magic finish
  • Flipbook animated marked deck

The Shiner Deck uses Mechanic Industries trademark flip-book animation. It works similarly to the Mechanic Deck and VR2 Deck, with some subtle adjustments. In this repeating 13 card back design system, the way the wheels spin allows the user to read the value of each card. The color indicator has been improved and is now easy to read. Your spectators will never suspect that you can identify every card at a glance!

MECHANIC SHINER Deck by Mechanic Industries

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