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MAYA Playing Cards white

Limited to 3000 decks


This set of Mayan playing cards primarily highlights Mayan art by incorporating original works of murals, glyphs, and handicrafts. We highlight 4 of the most important Mayan gods; Yum Kax, the corn god / diamonds, Kauil, the god of fire / hearts, Kukulkan, the feathered serpent / clubs, Ah Puch, the god of death / spade, Each staff has an important meaning that depends on the god he embodies, but also the different bars have important meanings depending on the symbol.


In the Maya world, diamonds are interpreted as corn. Corn is the substance from which man was created. So diamonds have the god Yum Kax as the god of corn - the creator of life. Hearts - the heart is the place from which man's power emanates and is often associated with emperors; Fire is interpreted by the god "Kauil" - the god of fire and wisdom. Clubs - this symbol refers to the Ceiba, the sacred Mayan tree on which the first human was born. The Ceiba is born from the center of the earth. Its trunks and branches carry the sky and its roots penetrate the Maya underworld. The god of this stick is Kukulkan, the feathered serpent.

The spade is closely related to the Ceiba. Piks refer to the underworld ruled by the god Ah Puch.Artistic DetailsIn this edition, the background is white to highlight the art and make it easier to perform magic tricks, as the back also has a white border, MAYAN numbers and Glyphs The deck was designed to spread Mayan culture and knowledge by replacing the numbers with Mayan numerology and the letters with glyphs. Inside the deck there is a special card that explains the meaning of each individual number and it is very easy to identify them.Back in this edition we have a symbol in the middle that resembles yin and yang but is in reality there a god - the greatest god of the Maya, HANAB KU.


It is said that all things are born from him, for he harbors all dualities, is the father of all gods and a disembodied entity. This is an excellent deck for gaming, card reading, and magic. This edition includes a blank card on the front of the deck so that you can  perform a magic trick when opening the deck.

Will not be reprinted

MAYA white Playing Cards

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