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MSPRNT00FLWR Playing Cards


"I'm Pablo Frey, an artist, card reader and magic consultant based in Mexico. I've been working on MSPRNT 00 FLWR for over 3 years and it has been one of my dreams to produce a card game like no other; something different, something , which would show how unique art can be.


In early 2018, I started working on the idea of misprinting something on purpose because, as many of you know, that's how decks come across sometimes. As a conceptual artist, I said to myself Why not combine my two biggest passions (art and playing cards) to create something unique?


This is how the first concepts of MSPRNT were born, and now, after 3 years of hard work, we have MSPRNT 00 - FLWR



The deck design came from a photo I took while visiting the Molino de las Flores" in Mexico. I loved the colors of the flower itself and how it contrasted beautifully with the sky, but I wanted something really unique I started experimenting with the photograph until I felt I had found perfection in the imperfection of playing cards.I wanted to depict how to fix something so broken and imperfect and make it full and can do it perfectly.

Many things have inspired me when designing this deck of cards, from nature and playing cards to industrial machines and artists such as Joseph Kosuth, Willem de Kooning and Marcel Duchamp.

I wanted to create something that would embrace imperfection and enhance the connection and presentation of playing cards. This is due to the imperfection of the cards themselves, creating a continuous illusion between



The box is special to me because I wanted to create something that you don't normally make on purpose, and at the same time I wanted it to fit the concept of the playing cards



I wanted to do something different with the faces because playing cards are made in two stages: first one side, then the other side. So it doesn't follow the same misprint concept as the back, but rather follows a digital misprint in manufacturing



MSPRNT 00 - FLWR is printed by the USPCC on their amazing standard stock with an air-cushion finish to ensure the highest possible quality and ultimate durability. Gilded decks are manufactured and supplied by Gamblers Warehouse. This particular deck and concept will never be reprinted again.

MSPRNT 00 FLWR Playing Cards

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