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JELLYFISH playing cards

Limited to 2500 decks


Do  a trip under the sea without ever getting wet!

The jellyfish playing cards bring the beauty, serenity and peacefulness of the sea to yours  Card table. Designed by Drew Hughes and produced by Penguin Magic, the Jellyfish Deck is adorned with stunning artwork from top to bottom. The back is held in different shades of blue and decorated with graceful, flowing jellyfish. The box takes this style even further, offering an amazing sense of depth.


The individually designed picture cards give familiar faces an imaginative twist and transform all boys, queens and kings into mermen. Each of the number cards contains adapted jellyfish color points. Despite the individual design, the cards are still very playable.


The jellyfish deck is not only great for games but also great for magic. The usefulness of the deck was made  increased by  a standard joker and a face-up joker as well as a double-backed card and a blank-fronted card have been added.


The Jellyfish decks are made in the USA by the United States Playing Card Company on thin paper with an embossed Magic finish. The cards are printed with plant-based ink and starch-based laminates on FSC-certified paper from sustainable forestry. This means that the cards can not only be shuffled, fanned out and spread out perfectly, but also produced in an environmentally friendly way!


  • 100% individual artwork
  • Designed by Drew Hughes
  • Printed by US Playing Card Co
  • Thin, pressed material with an embossed "Magic" finish
  • Individually designed tuck box with an individual sticker seal
  • Individual joker to reveal
  • Including double back and blank gaff cards
  • Limited edition of 2,500 decks of cards

JELLYFISH Playing Cards

  • Final price plus shipping costs, no disclosure of value added tax according to § 6 Abs. 1 Z 27 UStG.

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