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GRANDMASTERS Casino Standard by Handlordz


A NOVUM IN MODERN PLAYING CARDS - LIMITED EDITION! The playing card legend De'vo is literally changing the game!


Years in the making, this amazing all new and stylish deck is 100% custom made, from the pips, numbers, to the incredible hand drawn picture cards!


There are other nice decks out there, but this isn't your ordinary playing card set. What sets this deck apart from any other deck in the world is that De'vo introduces a fourth face card - the Princess Courts. These additional 4 face cards can be used in different ways. This is a game changer!


The design of the back is simple, elegant, but amazing, alone or in compartments. Isolated pips and interior color changes enable faster identification of the cards. Also, because the inner color changes are in the middle, they do not affect the colors of the cards when they are fanned out. This deck is perfect for card collectors, poker players, wizards and card manipulation experts alike!

GRANDMASTERS Casino Standard by Handlordz

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