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GOOD AND EVIL Playing Cards


The Good and Evil playing cards are a thoughtful homage to the concepts of good and evil.

We have choices to make in life. What will you choose?

"All good is difficult. All evil is easy. Keep away from the easy."

The Good and Evil Playing Cards case features the gold and yellow ink adorning the mysterious black background.

The geometrically divided card face is identical, but emphasizes the dichotomy between good and evil.


Don't judge people by their looks, You could_find an evil face with a pure heart or a good face of stone.


The queen of spades has a good face but a black heart.
Ironically, the queen of hearts has a dark look but a pure heart.


  • Custom Seal
  • Two way back design
  • Gaff double back
  • 2 custom jokers
  • Custom made Queen of Hearts and Queen of Spades
  • Custom Aces
  • Created by Cris Elmasry
  • Printed in USA by US Playing Card Company

GOOD AND EVIL Playing Cards

  • Final price plus shipping costs, no disclosure of VAT according to § 6 Para. 1 Z 27 UStG.

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