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Ghost stories have fascinated mankind since the beginning of time. Ghosts, souls from another world, wandering among us begging for help or vengeance, or just lost among the living, desperate for the light that will lead them to eternal rest.


Be that as it may, these beings from beyond the grave have inspired the pen of many of the greatest writers and playwrights of all time, inspiring thousands of legends and popular myths.


Ghost Stories Playing Cards is a unique illustrated deck of cards inspired by the best stories from these authors. Illustrated with exquisite and detailed artwork designed exclusively for this deck, it features stories from such great writers as Washington Irving, Charles Dickens, Oscar Wilde and William Shakepeare.


Manufactured by USPCC of high quality materials, the deck consists of 56 cards and 4 jokers, two of which are designed to form a Ouija board when placed side by side.

All court cards depict ghostly figures that have shaped literary history:


King - Sir Simon Canterville (The Canterville Ghost).
Queen - Mae Nak (Asian folk legend)
Knave - The Spirit of Christmas to Come (Christmas Carol)

King - Erick (The Phantom of the Opera)
Queen - The Bride of Corinth.
Bube - The screaming skull.

King - Bernard Fokke (The Dusty Dutchman).
Lady - Lady Madeline (The Fall of the House of Usher).
Knave - The upper berth.

King - King Hamlet (Hamlet).
Dame - Miss Jessel (The Turn of the Screw).
Jack - The Headless Horseman (The Legend of Sleepy Hollow).

Complementing these unforgettable characters from the best of classical literature, the Aces are dedicated to the writers who dreamed up these stories and transformed them into something immortal with their pen.


A perfect deck of cards for a candlelit or fireside Halloween night, or just a great gift for anyone who loves the classics of fiction.


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