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Freak Show Playing Cards


Extraordinary physical features, shocking performers and oddities abound.

Celebration the unusual and exotic with the freak show playing cards.

"I don't believe in fooling audiences, but I believe in attracting them first and then delighting them.
- PT Barnum

Some of us are amazing by birth; the rest of us are self-made nonconformists cultivating freakishness.

Mages, card players, sorcerers, snake charmers, fire breathers and sword gulpers push the boundaries of normality and entertain.

Honor what makes you different. Come into the big tent.

Marvel at the hypnotic backsides.
Recognize your favorite faces from the industry on the hand-drawn picture cards.
Create wonders with the included unique gaffs.





  • Printed by US Playing Card Company
  • Featuring specially hand drawn picture cards featuring your favorite wizards and freaks
  • Contains 2 gaff cards (misprinted ace/joker and a bearded queen of hearts/joker backs)
  • Concept by Eric Ross
  • Designed by Nick Vlow

FREAKSHOW Playing Cards

  • Final price plus shipping costs, no disclosure of VAT according to § 6 Para. 1 Z 27 UStG.

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