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FIREWORKS Playing Cards by Riffle Shuffle

Limited to 2500 decks


Attention, risk of explosion! Have  Have you ever wondered how fireworks are set off?

Well, you put the fireworks on the ground with the fuse facing up, carefully light the fuse and move away a certain distance to watch the fireworks. Had  At the moment when the fireworks explode, do you have your loved ones next to you and did you just feel happy to spend this beautiful moment with your loved ones?

Well, we introduce you to a card game that will remind you of the time you spent with loved ones, walking on the lakeshore, enjoying the view while the warm breeze gently brushed your cheeks, and the fireworks observed!

The fireworks playing cards are limited to 2500 pieces.

Designed by Tyler Godfather.

Manufactured by the United States Playing Card Company using metallic inks and bee crushed stock.

FIREWORKS Playing Cards by Riffle Shuffle

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