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FEATHER DECK: Goldfinch Edition Gold by Joshua Jay

The Feather Deck is an elegant tribute to the amazing natural beauty of the world that surrounds us. With every mix, cut, or fan, it will remind you that true beauty can be found in the simplest of places - like a bird's feather.

This special card game is the result of almost a year of collaboration between Vanishing Inc. Playing Cards and Brooklyn-based artist and illustrator Travis DeMello. Known for his intricate anatomy drawings, Travis DeMello has an amazing attention to detail that comes to life in the deck's stunning hand-drawn illustrations. If you look at the level of detail in the pictures, right down to the bristles of the pen, you will find it hard to believe that these are not reproductions of photos.

With its timeless appearance and symmetrical shape, the goldfinch feather was the perfect choice for this stylish deck. In combination with the gold foil that has been subtly worked into the back of the card, the nib perfectly captures the light and gently glitters in your hands.

While "The Feather Dec" is clearly the centerpiece of any collection, it was designed for wizards and card players as well. For this reason Vanishing Inc. decided to have these playing cards from Cartamundi printed on their incredibly soft and supple crushed stick to give you a truly incomparable handling and feel.

Get "The Feather Deck" now in two amazing versions: the beautiful Gold Edition with a stylish purple box and pastel orange backside design and the breathtaking Teal Edition, which has bright blue-green backside and comes in a strong navy blue box.

  • Printed by Cartamundi
  • Slim paper
  • B9 surface
  • Custom faces - including feathered face cards
  • Individual back with elaborate foil embossing so that they shimmer when held
  • Contains a blank side and a double backed card
  • Custom tuck box. With foil stamping and made of luxurious, structured cardboard.
  • Custom seal
  • Available in two versions: Gold Edition (purple box) and Teal Edition (blue box)

FEATHER DECK: Goldfinch Edition Gold by Joshua Jay

  • Final price plus shipping costs, no disclosure of value added tax according to § 6 Abs. 1 Z 27 UStG.

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