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CRAPS Playing Cards by Mechanic Industries


Craps Playing Cards, the newest deck in the Casino Edition range. A brand new way to combine well-known gaming and gambling props to create the most amazing magical effects.


Featuring innovative 3D flipbook animation of dice rolling across a craps table, opening the doors to new card and dice magic combinations. Scroll through the deck to activate the animation, which can also be used as a marked deck with our trademark 13 back rep system.


A black side print and a thin black border on the sides give the deck the appearance of a craps table. This way you can create seamless looking fans, spreads, dribbles and cascades and increase the visual appeal of your Flourishes.


Printed by Cartamundi on high quality stock using the latest finishing techniques. Craps playing cards are as good as they look and are perfect for magic and flourishing.


Dice joker for magic
7 and 11 numbered dice wild cards along with a blank facer allow you to bring the dice into the real world in an amazing and magical way. Connect them with normal or charged cubes for incredible magical effects!


Flattened Cube Gaff
The fantastic new flat dice gaff adds another dimension to your craps routine. Guest author Danny Cheng shows Dir the amazing Squished Dice trick in the free tutorial section. Luiz and Jimmy share their ideas including a version of Red Hot Mamma but with dice! Combine this trick with other features of the deck to create layered routines.


Custom picture cards
Like the roulette playing cards, our first deck in the Mechanic Casino Edition, the face cards feature craps themes such as dice, rake and cash. These cards are illustrated to blend with the classic artwork and complete the look of the deck while still being instantly recognizable for use in your casting routines.


Amazing new cube magic!
Connect the deck with normal or charged dice for power, prediction and countdown tricks and much more! Another level of magic built into the cases flaps is the revealing of the 7 of spades by a dice.

With detailed video tutorials, we give you the tools to create your own magic. These new dice-related methods and techniques will open the door for you to explore and develop your own tricks and routines.


Attention: Dice are not included in the deck!

CRAPS Playing Cards by Mechanic Industries

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