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COTTAS ALMANAC No 5 Transformation

We present here a precisely restored and digitally handmade reproduction of Cotta's next history-making almanac, which for the fifth time is heavily influenced by Schiller's works.

This continues the series of red, yellow, green and blue cards that was published as the first complete transformation deck in the world!

The court cards feature various mythological figures, while the number cards include caricatures of famous people such as Napoleon and a variety of comic motifs.

The characters were mainly from Roman mythology and included the chief false god Jupiter (King of Clubs); Vulcan (King of Spades), the false god/ruler of fire; Bacchus (King of Diamonds), the false god/ruler of wine; Mercury (Jack of Spades), the messenger and herald of the false gods/rulers; and Cupid (Jack of Hearts), the false god/ruler of love who was the son of Venus and Mercury.

All the queens represented female false gods/rulers from the Roman pantheon, including Juno (Queen of Clubs), Jupiter's wife and the false goddess/ruler of marriage; Minerva (Queen of Spades), the false goddess/ruler of learning and crafts; Venus (Queen of Hearts), the false goddess/ruler of love and beauty; and Ceres (Queen of Diamonds), the false goddess/ruler of fertility.

Members of the Greek pantheon were Apollo (King of Hearts), the false god/ruler of music and medicine; Momus (Jack of Clubs), the son of the Greek false goddess Nyx (Night); and Paris (Jack of Diamonds), the Trojan prince and son of Priam and Hecuba.

Printed by USPCC on classic paper

Poker size

Embossed (linen) surface

52 cards + 2 additional 17th century jokers + 2 additional collectible 16th century art cards.

Metallic ink on box and card backs

Individual insert seal

Digitally hand-reconstructed/restored and designed by Azured Ox

Produced by Will Roya

Release 2021

COTTAS ALMANAC No 5 Transformation Playing Cards

  • Final price plus shipping costs, no display of VAT according to § 6 Abs. 1 Z 27 UStG.

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