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Odyssey by Bicycle Playing Cards is a quality playing card set that will transport card collectors, card lovers and card players alike to another time and another land.

The design of the deck started with the screens created by Trophy Whist No. 39 Deck, first printed in 1895 by The United States Playing Card Company. The faces have been recolored in beautiful, monochromatic shades of blue, while the deck colors retain their traditional black and red colors.


The blue tones of the court cards inspired the deck's theme, which takes card lovers on an adventurous journey on the high seas and on land. Continuing the theme of monochrome blue tones, the map sleeve design features intricate wave-like elements and a central compass.


The tuck case is printed on matte paper and finished with beautiful light blue metallic foil detailing for an extra premium look.


All Bicycle playing cards are made in the USA with Bicycle's classic air cushion finish. This gives the playing cards a linen-like feel and allows the cards to slide smoothly away from each other as you shuffle, deal and flip.

As well as making a beautiful addition to your coffee table, these Bicycle playing cards are perfect for playing in your favorite card games - from Rummy to Spoons, Spades to Euchre, Hearts to Blackjack and hundreds more.

TRUSTED SINCE 1885 - Bicycle Playing Cards have been the trusted brand for an exceptional playing card experience for over 135 years!
CLASSIC AIR CUSHION® FINISH - Outstanding performance in yours  hands and on the table thanks to the patented surface that offers unmatched playability

PRINTED ON PREMIUM BICYCLE® BRAND CARDSTOCK - The  legendary  Map material offers excellent performance and durability

UNIQUE PLAYING CARDS - Bicycle Playing Cards with a touch of luxury. With rich colors on the packaging, a beautiful card back and specially designed playing cards
FUN, PREMIUM DESIGN - This deck from Bicycle Playing Cards is an eye-catcher to have in your  collection will stand out. Suitable for any deck of cards or as a decorative piece in yours  At home when not in use
PRINTED WITH NON-TOXIC, PLANT-BASED INK - Printed with non-toxic, plant-based ink to reduce environmental impact and ensure consumer safety

FULLY RECYCLABLE PLAYING CARDS - All playing cards in the box are fully recyclable and made from FSC-certified paper fiber from sustainably managed forests
MADE IN THE USA - Proudly made in Erlanger, Kentucky by the United States Playing Card Company


  • Final price plus shipping costs, no disclosure of VAT according to § 6 Para. 1 Z 27 UStG.

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