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AXIAL Playing Cards by Nicolas Nargeot


Our life often revolves around our main axis. However, the real adventure often lies in our second axis. If we understand this, we can make our major axes richer. French designer Nicolas Nargeot's Axial Playing Cards revolve around this concept.


Axial Playing Cards are not a deck of cards but a work of art designed to stimulate interaction and encourage those around you to share ideas, feelings and emotions. Many believe that this is the true meaning of life.


This stunning deck features bold blue lines centered around converging diagonal lines, gracing both the premium embossed matte tuckbox and full-coverage back. This theme is also beautifully executed on the fully customized sides, with the most unique element of this deck being its centered top and bottom indices.

Axial Playing Cards seamlessly combine beauty and functionality thanks to Cartamundi's printing on their enhanced premium B9 finish. You also get two additional cards that explain the meaning behind the artwork and details about the artist.

Magicians will be delighted to know that Axial playing cards can not only add a touch of elegance to any card magic routine, but are also fully marked so you can find any card in no time.


  • Printed by Cartamundi in B9 finish (enhanced)
  • High-quality, matt relief case
  • Fully custom back and front covers
  • Secret marking system to find a card in the deck
  • Additional cards: one to introduce the artwork, one to introduce the artist
  • Concept and original art by LineStory
  • Designed by Jules

AXIAL Playing Cards by Nicolas Nargeot

€16.90 Regular Price
€12.90Sale Price
  • Final price plus shipping costs, no disclosure of VAT according to § 6 Para. 1 Z 27 UStG.

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