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AQUA FALCON Standard Throwing Cards by Rick Smith Jr. and De'vo




This is the Falcon series of decks, the HOTTEST deck in the game!

This deck was designed for everything from Poker, Magic, Card Collecting, XCM, and Card Throwing! A special material was developed by the United States Playing Card Company, makers of Bicycle ® Playing Cards, specifically for Falcons.


Although this material feels like a normal playing card, it is a hair thicker, so this deck is more durable, lasts longer and hits harder than a normal deck of cards.  This stunning collaboration between TWO Guinness World Record holders - magician Rick Smith Jr. and playing card legend De'vo - is a MUST HAVE for all card lovers!  We have this deck in 2  Packaging variants: standard, aqua/gold foil.


NEW USPC CARD THICK CUT designed by the USPC specifically for Falcon Throwing Cards.

This deck isn't just for throwing (card throwing), the deck was made out as well  one  special "thick" cut made from premium paper.

This makes the deck handle and feel like a normal deck, but with a little more power when throwing.  The Falcon Throwing Cards Deck is just a few cards thicker than a regular deck when placed side by side.  Due to the small additional thickness, there are 54 cards in each box.  52 standard cards plus 2 jokers.



Depth Gauge Markers - All card faces have 3 stars printed below the numbers so you can see how deep your cards go into different objects. Dots and arrows are printed on the backs to help you see how far your card penetrates objects.


The unique back design has De'vo's signature twin-tip mirror back concept, meaning you get different fans depending on which way you fan them.  The back design is also optimized for card tossing, so you'll be able to see the card better at greater distances.

AQUA FALCON Standard Throwing Cards by Rick Smith Jr and De´vo

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