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ANGRY PUSSIES by De`vo vom Schattenreich


This "CLAW-SOME" deck features kittens with weapons, wonderful fan skills, "HISS-TERICAL" artwork and an amazing built-in magic trick! What else could you ask for?

A MUST HAVE for collectors, card lovers, magicians, cat lovers and card players. Show your "CAT-TITUDE!"

We are "PAW-SITIVE", you will LOVE this fun and fantastic LIMITED-EDITION professional playing card deck from underground playing card legend - De'vo vom Schattenreich - with artwork by Naiche Washburn.

This deck started as an April Fool's joke in 2014 and has since become a legend in the playing card world. This special limited edition has some slight changes, a new color scheme and an ingenious built-in magic trick AND a limited box!


ANGRY PUSSIES by De`vo vom Schattenreich

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