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ADRIFT Playing Cards by Nicolas Nargeot


Adrift Playing Cards are more than just a regular deck of cards. They are a work of art that pays tribute to the ocean and its embodiment of the human spirit.


Our life is like an ocean. We're constantly fighting the waves. The waves are people, projects, feelings, problems, etc. If we face these waves, they will either defeat us or blow us away. Both ways help us learn and grow and are better than just giving up control and drifting.


In life we are constantly being pushed back and forth like waves. But the beauty of being human is that we search for meaning in the dark and are brave enough to face our fears along the way. This is exactly what the Adrift Playing Cards were created for.


This second set of cards from designers Nicolas Nargeot and Antoine Dreno features incredible hand-drawn ocean-themed line art on the pips, playfields and full-coverage back. Everything is accented by an incredible green and cream color scheme.


The Adrift Playing Cards are manufactured by Catamundi using their improved, famous B9 finishing.

ADRIFT Playing Cards by Nicolas Nargeot

€16.90 Regular Price
€12.90Sale Price
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