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ABANDONED Luxury Playing Cards by Dynamo


Abandoned Luxury Playing Cards are Dynamo's personal playing cards. The new Royal Ivy Edition playing cards are now available in bright sapphire blue and golden metallic ink.


Abandoned Luxury Playing Cards pay homage to the world famous magician Dynamo's live tour in London.

Deep in the hotel, in an abandoned room overgrown with ivy, Dynamo amazed its audience and let them share in its joy and magic.


The flat, black, matte tuck is decorated on each side with embossed gold and sapphire blue foil. If you  enter through the iron gates flanked by gargoyles,  you perceive the breathtaking ornaments and details of this magnificent deck.


The cover flap is a golden foil sun that lights up even the darkest corners of the black, matt inside.

Printed on Cartamundi True Linen B9 Slimline, the deck is just as beautiful to look at as it is to hold. The backs highlight the wrought iron gates intertwined with ivy and golden metallic ink.

The edges are thin to make nice compartments. The picture cards let the colors show through, while the traditional cores are perfect for magical effects.


  • Cartamundi True Linen B9 Slimline Paper
  • Thin edges for perfect compartments
  • Back side mirrored on one side
  • Metallic gold and sapphire blue ink throughout
  • 2 specially printed jokers with a golden key
  • 1 abandoned card as a tribute to the live show
  • 1 "red herring" perfect for misleading
  • 1 ace of spades highlighting a window in the abandoned room
  • Gold and sapphire blue foil stamping on black, matt paper
  • Designed by Rick Davidson

ABANDONED Luxury Playing Cards by Dynamo

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